Carefully Crafted Right Here in Colorado
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Experience the
Centered Naturals Difference
Our topical products for active lifestyles feature the highest quality Colorado grown hemp carefully handcrafted in small batches. We process our own whole hemp plant extract oils in our fully compliant facility in Golden, CO while formulating and manufacturing our products in our GMP facility in Colorado Springs, CO.
Handmade with Premium Ingredients
Formulated from the highest quality organic and all-natural ingredients. We pair these ingredients with exceptional quality Colorado grown hemp plants grown on fully compliant and tracked hemp farms.
Made for Colorado
Our THC-free broad spectrum CBD extracts are derived from the highest quality whole hemp plants packed with high levels of CBD, other CBs and beneficial terpenes and paired with superfood ingredients.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our products are developed with the expertise of a nutritionist, cardiologist, pharmacist, healthcare consultant, chemist and cultivation specialist. We are committed to customer satisfaction!
Customers Love Centered Naturals
Innovative Ingredients for Better Results

"Centered Naturals quality is always top notch and they use base oils that you don’t really see anywhere else. The sunflower oil is my personal favorite. I’ve been using it every day for a few months and it has improved my quality of life in many different ways. I highly recommend using their products!"

A Better Life for a Beloved Pet

"Our dog, Han Solo, was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in May of 2018. After dealing with a series of grand mal cluster seizures that put his life at risk, we decided to add CBD on top of the list of his anti-epileptic medications. Han is currently using the 1000 mg hemp infused wild Alaskan salmon oil from Centered Naturals and has been using it since November of 2018. As picky dog parents, we couldn’t be happier with this product, as Han was able to experience a whole 2 months seizure free after beginning to use the product. This is huge for him, considering he was previously only having one week between grand mal cluster seizures. Before trying Centered Naturals brand CBD, we used a couple of other CBD products that didn’t seem to provide any relief. Han also LOVES this formula. He will readily take it from the dropper, although we typically put it on top of his food, which is something that he would not do with the other CBD products we have tried. Thank you Centered Naturals for providing us with a product that we trust and that our dog benefits from!"

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